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Coastal Adventures was started in 2018 by close friends who wanted to share experiences after countless adventure trips. That's why Eilef, Jonas and Kjetil started Coastal Adventures AS.


In 2021, we established Coastal Adventures Ryfylke based at Utstein Kloster Hotel and then Coastal Adventures Stavanger in June 2021.


We have brought in new partners and investors to strengthen further investment/expansion. Terje Hauan and Stig Feyling joined the ownership side at the beginning of 2021, and this summer Cato Østerhus and Joar Gangenes joined the ownership side.

We have a clear ambition to establish more Coastal Adventures departments/companies along the entire coast of Norway. We are looking for people/companies who want to invest with us on that occasion. We can provide some capital and lots of expertise.

We expect you to put in a lot of energy/enthusiasm and preferably some cash!

Get in touch if you find this exciting.
Feel free to look at the websites to see what activities we can offer. We are more than happy to work with you if you want local adaptations!

-> Egersund :
-> Ryfylke :
-> Stavanger:

We have close to 30 certified coasteering guides and collaborate with Mountain Water Experience in England to adapt Coasteering to Norwegian conditions. We also have accredited skippers for our RIBs, kayaks, SUP guides and climbing guides.

Coastal Adventures is a member of the National Coasteering Charter (NCC) in the UK and works actively to provide our guests with a good and safe experience.

We require that our guides are trained under NCC's guidelines, and we regularly practise safety procedures and good customer care.

We also have the following certifications as boat drivers:
D5L, passenger and crisis management, VHF courses, among others.




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